Lunch Box 23 cm x 23 cm Biodegradable – 50 pcs.

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Lunch Box 23 cm x 23 cm, single compartment, biodegradable. Packet size: 50 pieces. Collecting box fits 4 packets of 50 pcs. each = 200 pieces.

Lunch Box is made of sugarcane fibers, obtained from rapidly renewable raw materials of plant origin. Perfect for packing burgers or small dinners. You can pack hot and wet products in a resealable container without worrying about them leaking. Perfect for packing food to go.

This product is 100% biodegradable, bio-based and compostable in industrial facilities. It is certified by DIN Certco following the norm EN13432. Lunch Box becomes completely degraded in optimal conditions in composting plants (60 ° C + 95% humidity) within 50-70 days

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